What about MY Fitness

When to start?

Just starting out, Debbie can help. With the range of classes and years of experience she can help from the ground up, not just classes but great advice of how to keep on track.

Not sure if any of the classes are for you, don’t worry, try one then try another step out if you need a rest and push hard if you can

Worried about the cost of getting fit?

No need with Debbies Workouts, pay class by class or pre-book a range of classes and save £££, while you lose lb-lb-lb.

You can start the fitness classes anytime and stop at anytime, we hope you stay & love it, we are sure you will, most of our classes are attended by regulars

If you have tried monthly memberships and video exercises and they do not work come with Debbie to workout a new way, a better more relaxed and more cost effective way