Debbie Saunders Workouts – Spring 2018 Update

Spring newsletter
Welcome to our Spring newsletter. Spring is taking a while to settle down, but we are
still rocking out some great
It would be very hard to pick a class of the month but client of the month, is the ever
patient Zoe who has held our hands all through the most inspirational Dance routine we
have done. Watching how this is coming together is a highlight of my week “This i
s Me”
the Bee sanctuary in Cheddar has asked for newspapers. Bring
them in and I will get them collected
Food Banks.
I have been chatting about these in class, and while I cant change the
system, we can do a bit to help. I am sure we ca
n all afford to buy one item to put in the
food bank collection at the supermarkets. Its not hard !
Not sure what we do at classes?
Have a browse through our facebook videos to see the team working out.
We have videos of Tuesday Dancefit, Thursday Step and Sculpt and Friday morning.
Soon to come, Wednesday Women
of Steel and
Monday morning wake up class.
I will keep trying to get a decent video of the Pilates, but the low lighting makes it really
Also check out our saved stories, Monday Fitness
on instagram
Friday evening P
ilates is
Stressful week ?
Relax and tone up in a
perfect setting
We now have an even bigger
of hand weights and weighted bars to
use for our classes.
Try going up a
weight and seeing the difference it
makes to how fast you tone up
Move of the Month
All fours clam
Perfect for strengthening your
back, and increasing hip mobility which
can be one of the first movements to go as we get older. A great tone up for your backside!
How To
On all fours on the floor, with knees directly below hips and your hands directly
below your shoulders.
1.Engage your core muscles so that your spine is in a
neutral position, neither
arched or hunched
2.Keeping the right leg bent 90 degrees at the knee, rotate at the hip in order to
lift your outer right thigh up in an arcing motion out to the right side of your
body. You want to aim to get your thigh parallel with the ground (out at 90
degrees to your supporting left leg), however, this can require some flexibility.
3.Most people have a limited range of motion in their hip joints, so this is not
only a great hip
opener and mobility exercise, it also
works the butt and core
stabilizing muscles.
4.Squeeze the glutes to hold your leg in the cocked position for 1 second or
more, and then lower back down.
5.Repeat with the other leg
The following classes are cancelled due to commitments
May 7th Bank holiday Monday
May 11th, Friday
Heathrow International
May 22nd
May 28th.
I am at the World Championships as team manager
June 22nd, Friday
British championships
June 25th
Holiday 🙂
Thats all for this month, dont forget to follow us
Facebook book
debbie saunders workouts

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